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Product Installation Difficulty

Question) I'm having issues constructing my cabinet/locker, help?

Answer) For cabinet video instructions, click here. For locker video instructions click here.


Question) If my product is damaged on receipt what do I do?

Answer) Please click here: https://stratfordcabinets.com/returns

Question) How long does it take to get a replacement unit?

Answer) If your request is urgent, we are able to make delivery for the next working day (Mon-Fri) and we will arrange collection for the second unit the same day.

Question) Do you collect and deliver at the same time?

Answer) We are not able to as the couriers are not setup for this. We can however arrange a delivery and collection on the same day.

Question) I don't want my item anymore. Can I still return it?

Answer) You have 60 days to return an item as new and we can arrange collection on your behalf. We will charge you the lowest possible cost for the collection or free of charge if it is a damaged unit or missing parts.


Question) How long does it take to get my money back?

Answer) As soon as the item is collected we will arrange a full refund. If collection has failed and 5 working days have passed, we will refund you and try to collect once more.


Question) I'm missing parts in my delivery. What do I do?

Answer) Using the installation guide provided, tell us the part labels (E.G Part L) that you require and we'll post these out to you. If missing the guide, you can find the instructions on our site.